Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas !

Hi and Merry Christmas everyone!

I cannot believe its the week of Christmas at all, but I also can't believe that it's almost 2011! Where has this year gone? I am so excited about Christmas this year not only because it's our first Christmas as H & W, but because not only do I get to spend Christmas with my hubby (last year he had to work in New York and I flew to South Carolina so we weren't together on Christmas Eve/Day) I also finally broke down and purchased my flight to South Carolina so I get to spend it with my family and friends, too! Well not actually Christmas day, but the 26th so pretty darn close!

Our shopping is finished (as of yesterday), tree is has been decorated since Thanksgiving, snow is falling so now all we have to do is wait for Santa to come :)

Speaking of shopping: I absolutely stink at keeping secrets! Never fails, I always show Justin or my mom the gifts I bought for them way before Christmas. This year was no different. J already knows his "big" gift and a few other things that I got him so being the good wife feeling terrible that he wouldn't have anything to open and be surprised about on Christmas morning I went out and bought a lot more stuff for him! I mean people I even showed him his stocking stuffers! I'm terrible!! I feel sorry for any future kiddos we may have. I told Justin that we would have to go shopping for their things on Christmas Eve to ensure I didn't have time to show them. ha!

In other news: I received a text from a friend this morning that they found out they are having a baby boy (due in May). What a great Christmas gift huh? To know that your son is "with you" on Christmas! So please say a little prayer for them that they continue to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Please say another prayer for a friend tomorrow (Tuesday) as she prepares to have a procedure done. She and her husband have an adorable little boy and I pray that God will give them positive results tomorrow so that they can continue to grow their family even more.

In Algor baby news: We have been in our two week waiting window. I have a doctors appointment Thursday - for what I'm not sure - maybe because they haven't seen me since November 30 and they want to make sure they see my smiling face in December, too?! Seriously, I think they are just tired of me calling everyday so they want me to come in so they can answer all my questions in one 'pop'. BaHaHa - little do they know I'm sure I'll conveniently forget to ask something. I've already made up my mind that I won't let them give me a pregnancy test because I just don't want it to ruin our Christmas. I would much rather ruin our New Years Eve since we aren't doing anything! Duh!

I know I said this on my last post, but since then I have had lots more messages from strangers friends that are sending us prayers. (Friends because we are praying for the same thing for so many women.)  Know that just as you say a prayer for us, I am sending one right back your way! So, Thank You from the very bottom of my heart for reaching out to me and sharing your stories and successes with me.

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and everyone receives a Christmas Miracle no matter what it is!


PS: I wish I had this for our tacky Christmas sweater party.

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