Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre Christmas Miracle

Tis the season for such - obviously!

I have crosshairs! HaHa. For those of you NOT TTGP you won't know what that means, but my recent faithful friend, Fertility Friend, finally showed crosshairs on my chart today! This is a cause for celebration of course - minus any adult beverages. I'll have POM thank you!

Sample Chart. I particularly like the "Bad Wife Dryspell" someone added! haha

What this means to me is that Clomid probably, hopefully, worked and did it's job making me produce a mature follicle and thus possibly released an egg on December 18th. My fertility bracelet was worn from December 15th until now and according to my BBT chart I am 3 days post ovulation. This by NO means would ever mean that I am pregnant, but at least I have a little proof that the medicine could have worked and ALSO that my follies had an additional THREE days to grow! wowzers. They could have grown 3-6 more mm! Good job follies!

This is a huge step in the right direction for us and a little Christmas miracle - even before Christmas! :)

Now all I have to do is sit around and wait... and wait... and wait. You get the idea. I'll be waiting until January now -geesh! What is that ?! 11 Days or something - Not that I'm counting.



  1. Thinking about you ~ Griffin can't wait to have another cousin :)

  2. You and your husband are just beautiful... I just ran across your blog and had to tell you! Have a wonderful Christmas!