Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 has been great to me so far

New Years Eve this year was by far the most wonderful I've had... not that the past ones have been terrible, this one was just perfect for us this year. Hubby and I went to a very romantic dinner at a French restaurant called La Caille. We were told the grounds are beautiful so we look forward to going back in the Spring to enjoy them! The actual restaurant looked like a ginger bread house!

Dinner was AH-MAZING! We had duck, crab, fillet, and lobster! I was obviously starving to death! After dinner, I definitely could have gone to sleep, but how boring would that be - especially on NYE!

These are the only pictures that we took the entire night! I accidentally forgot to put my battery in my camera.

After dinner, we drove up to Park City to one of Justin's childhood friends house who happens to play soccer for Real Salt Lake! It was a quiet evening playing games, talking, and watched the ball drop!

So far in 2011 I haven't changed out of PJ's, put make up on and for obvious reasons haven't left the house!
Tomorrow is my first day back to work since December 23 and I am not looking forward to it at all! I've been spoiled rotten by hubby since being back from South Carolina. Pretty much all I've done is take the decorations down! ahh. Fabulous! J even went to the grocery store for me and last night I really wanted to watch a movie and really wanted a twix (hahahaha) so he went out and got that for me!

I hope everyone else has had a spoiled rotten 2011, too!


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