Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll and especially to my loving husband, Justin!

We had a very simple weekend that was filled with Saturday and Sunday Snuggle time! We don't get that much time together during the week since J works so late and has recently been going to the gym after work (which I am very proud of him! Last week he went 6 out of 7 days!) Saturday Justin woke up early and brought me breakfast in bed, fresh fruit pancakes, my fav! Then, we fell back asleep until like 3 pm! It was obviously a LONG week. Saturday I (finally) showered at 5:30 and we went to our favorite store Z Gallerie to see if they had any new coffee tables in... score! Now, we just have to wait for it to be 'released' for purchase! Then, we headed off to the mall so we could walk around. We sound like old people, but when its 20 degrees outside the last thing I want to do is walk outside! Naturally, after a little while I was hungry so we ate at Cheesecake Factory and as usual we left stuffed and feeling guilty. The movie STONE was our movie du jur. It was really strange, definitely not one I would ever pick out or wish to see again.

Sunday, poor guy had to wake up at 5:30 am for a conference call with Bangalore. Then instead of waking me up he went to the gym so we could spend the rest of the day together! Gah, I love him :) Of course we took a nap when he got home and slept until 2. It was absolutely GORGEOUS outside so we took King on a little walk and then came home and sat on our front steps and talked and played with King. FOOD was next on my to-do list and food I ate! Man, I should be the size of a house by now.

Currently, Justin is mopping the floor and doing laundry. Why? Because he is by FAR the most amazing husband and best friend anyone could ever wish for. I should be studying, but my brain is currently turned off to medicine, clinical trials, and mechanisms of action.

Tomorrow is actually Valentine's Day and we I decided a month ago that I just didn't feel like fighting the crowds at restaurants so we'll spend it quietly at home enjoying each others company. Maybe I'll cook dinner, maybe not ?

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