Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wow! That's alot of  "1's." What do they all mean? Well for starters a FABULOUS new year. It was a Saturday in which I barely got out of bed and not because I had partied too hard the night before for New Years Eve. It was a perfect start to a new year and new adventures. With all those "1's" it's hard to not say #1 ... as in #1 BABY!

That's right - Justin and I found out on 01.01.11 that we are expecting our FIRST little bundle of joy! What a perfect way to start off the year, huh? After countless appointments and never ending prayers we will finally be welcoming Baby A into the world in September! Just in time to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas 2011! This years festivities will be so much more fun and we can't wait!

The FIRST test! The line was somewhat faint, thank goodness for digital.


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